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“The Lost Sermons of Isaac Hasey”

“The preaching of the gospel is appointed as a means of edification and spiritual improvement.”

--Rev. Hasey, Sermon on Hebrews 4:2

Rev. Isaac Hasey was the founding pastor of First Parish and served in Lebanon, ME for 47 years (1765-1812.) This year marks the 250th for us as a church. In celebrate, we will embark on a sermon series that examines the preaching Rev. Hasey delivered over 200 years ago. The Congregational Library in Boston holds a small number of original Hasey sermon manuscripts. Members of our church and the Lebanon Historical Society have lovingly and painstakingly transcribed five of those manuscripts. Now what was “lost” to the ravages of time is available to us. Maybe you are historically curious as to what was taught at the foundation of our country. Perhaps you wish to compare what has been lose and/or gained over the intervening years. For me, I wish to understand the power of the gospel which set our church on such a faithful course for a quarter-millennium. Join as we look through a tunnel in time to pear at the work of God in us.

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