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“Christ is Risen” --what does that really mean?

One of the top five pastor nightmares was unfolding yesterday morning (Easter morning) starting at 3am. I had a massive migraine with waves of nausea, but in a few hours I had a sunrise service to speak at, then a church breakfast, followed by our Easter service. In pastor terms, this is biggest day of the year (our super bowl.) I was going to missed it. How can a pastor miss Easter?

There are reasons we call it “The Lord’s Day”. It is Christ’s day and does not rise or fall on anyone’s shoulders, but His own. “Christ is Risen” means He is alive and present in the activity of His church. Christ is at work blessing, forgiving, healing and feeding the sheep that gather in His house. As pastor I am in just as much in need of His living presence as everyone else.

Yesterday, the church I pastor was graced by Christ without me being there. I was touched by Christ in my own feeble state. All had glowing reports about their time Sunday morning. Christ has Risen Indeed!


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